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It's time to feel confident styling your clients, mastering your session workflow to get emotive images, and edit consistently with natural true-to-life colors. 

attract your dream clients by capturing emotive images that you yourself are obsessed with!


the soulful

Everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) to master the art of storytelling through an online photography workshop experience. 

You’re one step away from. . .

  • Styling your clients with confidence
  • Mastering your session workflow from start to finish
  • Editing your sessions consistently
  • Creating emotive images with natural, true-to-life color

Access the course at your own pace with step by step modules.

Lifetime access to the entire course and all video content allows you to re-watch anytime you’re in need of a refresh.

full course, lifetime access: $795

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$795-  $350

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Let’s break it down

Here's what’s waiting for you inside the soulful storyteller course 

Module 1

Lighting and Locations

We’ll cover:
How to find shooting locations anywhere
Utilizing light in any location to create dreamy and emotive images

Module 2

Client Experience and Session Prep

We’ll cover:
How to prepare clients for a session 
My step by step client process from start to finish

Module 3

Styling and Model Calls

We’ll cover:
Curating a Client Closet
Guiding your clients through a styling process

Modules 4 & 5

Styling and Shooting a REAL Session

We’ll cover:
BTS of Planning a Session
Shoot a session with me and see my exact process

Module 6

Gear and Session Essentials

We’ll cover:
Essential Camera Gear
Camera Settings
Favorite Session Add-Ons

Module 7

Culling and Editing

We’ll cover:
Culling the session we shot together in Modules 4 & 5
Editing the session from Module 4 & 5 (Presets, Tweaks, Brushes, etc.)
Gallery Delivery

Module 8

Wrapping it up!

After you make your way through the course, I won't just leave you in the dust. I'm here for any questions you have. I want to follow you on social media, cheer you on, and watch your business transform. *Special discounts & opportunities for all of my course attendees!

 I'm here to teach you everything I've mastered over the past 14 years, building my dream business. It's HERE... in my all-inclusive online photography course! 

Join now for $795  $350

*Payment plans available

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Get my full, customizable styling email template and questionnaire


editing tutorial
(presets + brushes)

Edit a session with me! I’ll walk you through my entire process from culling, editing to gallery delivery.

When you enroll now into The Soulful Storyteller photography course, you’ll gain exclusive access to:


 Hey friend, you’re not alone!

Hi, I’m Laura.

Almost 14 years ago, I self-taught my way through building a successful photography business through the art of storytelling. I know how overwhelming it can feel trying to figure everything out on your own. That’s why I started mentoring other photographers to help artists like you learn how to hone in your brand and shoot with confidence. 

As a creative, I wanted something more, a photography business that paid the bills and fueled my passion. I didn’t want to just take pictures. I wanted to capture connection, and tell the unique stories of the clients who stepped in front of my camera. 

Are you finding yourself in a similar season of business? I created The Soulful Storyteller, an online photography course, just for you!

Together, we’ll walk through the crucial components of building your thriving photography business. I’ll teach you exactly how to set up your business, client experience, communication & styling.

I’ve been a family + motherhood photographer for 14 years! 

Let’s do this! 

— -Nikki

She touches on everything from branding, creating a client experience, styling, workflows,'s all there and so thorough! She literally walks you through an entire storyteller session, from start to finish, and presents all of her information in such a way that it really is as if you are sitting down and chatting with her one-on-one. I cannot wait to see the impact this course has on my own photography growth and business! HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone looking to level up their client experiences, sessions, and business as a whole.

"Laura shares such a wealth of amazing information in her "The Soulful Storyteller" course."

—  Sarah

I really like the format of your videos of you talking through the information mixed with text. It really does give it more of a [personalized, chatting with you vibe that I enjoy! The overall style and design is awesome! Easy to follow, full of AMAZING information, and 100% on your brand. 

"I have completed module 1 and LOVE it already! "

Mentee Stories

This is the life-changing magic you’ve been waiting for in your photography business

 Is now the right time?

This course is for you if you:

✔ Overwhelmed by booking clients
✔Ready to hone in your brand
✔Want to style your clients with confidence
✔ Dream of capturing emotive, storyteller images your clients will love

This course  is NOT the best fit for you right now if you:

 ✘ Looking for a quick fix
✘ Prefer posed photography 
✘ Not ready to put in the work


Still have a few questions?

Here are the answers to the most common questions asked about The Soulful Storyteller...

This course is geared towards family photographers, but also works well for photographers who capture motherhood, couples, maternity and children. The Soulful Storyteller covers locations, lighting, editing, branding and more so, no matter what you photograph, as long as you want emotive & connected images, you will gain so much!

What’s included with my purchase?+

What type of photographer is this course for? +

What’s your refund policy? + 

What is the time commitment? + 

If you have completed the course, implemented all you’ve learned and don’t see the results you were hoping for then you may qualify for a refund. Just prove that you’ve tried!

What’s included with my purchase?+

What type of photographer is this course for? +

What’s your refund policy? + 

What is the time commitment? + 

The Soulful Storyteller is an 8 module course with several lessons in each module lasting 5-30 minutes. It is completely self paced and includes lifetime access. This is truly an approach to growing your photography business in a way that fits into your current season of life and business. 

What’s included with my purchase?+

What type of photographer is this course for? +

What’s your refund policy? + 

What is the time commitment? + 

8 video modules 
Client styling email & questionnaire guide 
BTS on-location session video
Full Editing Screen Shares
Lifetime Access 

What’s included with my purchase?+

What type of photographer is this course for? +

What’s your refund policy? + 

What is the time commitment? + 

The Soulful Storyteller is your ticket to refining your authentic brand and providing your clients with images that value their connection and tell their story in a deep and beautiful way. 

Shoot and style your clients with confidence and own your worth.
This course was created to fit into your current lifestyle so that you never have to wait on the “perfect timing” to dive in.


This is your moment!